About Me & This Website

About Me & This Website

About Me

Hi! I'm Melih. I completed my undergraduate degree in Foreign Language Education at Boğaziçi University and my master's degree in English Teaching at Bahçeşehir University. I received TESOL training from Arizona State University via Coursera. I have taught English classes at elementary, middle school, high school, university preparatory, and associate degree levels. I have also worked as a member of the assessment and evaluation unit and as a program coordinator. I have provided one-on-one and small group English lessons for different age groups and levels. I am interested in language teaching and acquisition, as well as the use of technology and drama in language instruction. Currently, I work as a lecturer, focusing on General English, Business English, and materials development for various exams.

You can reach me via email at melih.kazimlar.2011@alumni.boun.edu.tr.

About "My English Resources"

On this website, I share various books, websites, applications, and resources I have developed myself to assist you in learning English. As an English teacher, I utilize these resources in both classroom settings and individual sessions, firmly believing in their beneficial impact on my students. In the future, I also have plans to enhance the website through YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Therefore, you can follow me on social media platforms to stay updated.

Additionally, while this website primarily caters to Turkish students, you can use the translation button on the homepage to read my posts in your own language.